Album review Scottish albums

Withered Hand

So here’s the new WT (Dan Willson) release, certainly some higher production values and the cover looking a bit like Bruce Springsteen having a migraine on stage.

WT has been a worthy fixture on the Scottish live stages for a few years now and is highly worthy of this major-league launch – could he really follow on the footsteps of some recent artists to fill bigger venues? Hope so.

So he has had some considerable help on this second “proper” collection, Tony Doogan producing and some fairly well-known (at least in the Scottish musical duckpond) helpers. The lyrical vision stretches a bit further this time, with tales of American plane flights and the ironies of trying to make it in musical showbiz.

He is still individual, eccentric and has his own wobby vision of what pop music is, or what he wants it to be. The vocal delivery is honest, accent somewhere in the English medium (he was after all born in England but and nobody’s perfect, only joking), slightly reminiscent of Neil Young, but still self-deprecating enough for anyone to relate to.

This record is very good – his confessional take reminds me a bit of Bright Eyes crossed (on this release at least) with the jangly pedigree from Orange Juice through Teenage Fanclub to the current progenitors like King Creosote.

More power to your elbow Dan – you deserve it.