Gig review

And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead / Your Favourite Enemies

So this is the bit of Art School that has not burned down, just as well – this will be an abbreviated review folks, these years of wearing stillettoes have taken their toll and BM needs to put her pins up at the moment between live encounters.

Coming into the venue the support band are in the throes of last number, Nick Cave cover if am not too mistaken ‘Run to the City of Refuge’ and while the lead guitar player runs into the fairly empty crowd, the chief roadie positions himself to catch items of drumkit being chucked from the stage. Who are these guys’ insurance for the tour… better not ask. They are from Montreal, Canada, and very polite, after the all-band-in-the-middle-of-the-floor climax they are on the merch stand, touting for business – it’s where the money is at these days, and good luck to them…

Trail of Dead drove from Germany on the day of this gig, and missed the soundcheck. Coming onstage around 9 they are already on overtime and look pretty pissed off. They are a top-range Texan noise and heavy rock outfit, channelling Nirvana, QOTSA, Whigs and others…

First few numbers were marred by bad sound, the band admitting not soundchecking was their fault but then blaming sound guys as well… “This is feedback, not supposed to be there” etc. Such as shame as after about 6 songs they just ignited, you could suddenly see why they were doing this, and then there was such a short time to prove themselves again.

Some new songs, some old, BM is not even going to try to name some here, but second half was well worth it – no encore, lots of swapped instruments during the set… impressive. They are a four piece but sometimes five, and very fluid – they overrun the 10am (brutal) curfew by 10 minutes, and only because the bass player looked as if he was gonnae kill someone if they did not get a bit more time.

Scabarous, greasy, heavy duty rock and roll, just BM’s thing.

Hopefully they will return after not the best gig, but they won a new convert in Betty.