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We Were Promised Jetpacks

Out Of Interest (Big Scary Monsters)

By • Jul 13th, 2020 • Category: Single review

A collection of demos from 2018’s album, ‘The More I Sleep, The Less I Dream’, it’s not quite clear why these three tunes didn’t make the cut – it’s not a lack of quality, but they certainly show a more introspective side to the band.

Opener ‘When Getting Lost’ is a case in point – a brooding melancholic track with chiming guitars over a wash of noise, while ‘Same Mistakes’ would be the single perhaps – still moody and broody, but with the soaring vocal, and anthemic chorus we expect.

‘Not Wanted’, one of the two tracks which appeared on the band’s sixth album, and not sounding too far-removed from the slightly ore polished version. ‘Impossible’s stomp is perhaps the most upbeat of the five tracks, an almost African guitar line cheerily propelling the track towards a climactic second half and a long fade.

‘Miles Away’ is the punchiest of the quintet of songs, upbeat almost al the way through with a real head-banging wigout in the middle before, fading to black. We all still look forward to brand new material from the band, but for now this’ll do nicely.

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