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We Can Still Picnic

The We Can Still Picnic collective have brought together an intriguing compilation from some of the more obscure and underrated acts in Scotland on white vinyl. Side A starts with Glasgow band Post offering  up ‘Monument To A Lost Cause ‘, which features a tasty guitar lick and louche vocals.  Next up is Casual Sex, Sam Smith from Mother and the Addicts new incarnation and their track ‘National Unity’, which grabs the attention with an angsty riff and funky chords.
Sandford showcase dreamy  synths and a compelling female vocal while Flo Ferandez  (who hail from Germany) bring the side to a close with a relaxed,  instrumental groove augmented by classy guitar work. With a running time of one and a half minutes, it’s short but sublime

Side B kicks in with girl-group garage rockers Aggi Doom. Synths and surf-style guitars are the order of the day on ‘The Loving Kind’, conjuring up a superb racket. Wake the President offer up a scintillating cut from their recent album with ‘This Is New’, while the girl-boy vocals of Blessed Oblivion have an almost ghostly quality. The compilation closes in majestic fashion with acoustic number ‘You’re All Over’ from eighties indie legend Davey Henderson and his band The Sexual Objects.

All in all this compilation is a treat for vinyl junkies and those with a taste for the alternative.