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Vulture Party

Not exactly sure when this one will “drop” as the kids apparently say (adopts best out-of-touch John Peel voice) with the launch postponed but whenever it is, it will be well worth the wait.

It is also a grower, and hearing track one ‘Mayday Cockerel’ for the third or fourth time today it sounds better than ever, a mordant groove caked in guitar reverb and with an almost Wicker Man-esque chanted verse and chorus.

The following tune sounds like early Human League, which is a wholly good thing, while ‘New Humans’ is a bit sci-fi but pulsating with energy.

Overall the Falkirk band’s debut really is quite extraordinary, especially track four ‘Fear For My Child’ which takes odd percussion, guitar and piano on a disquieting journey – maybe some variant of the Covid-19 nightmare… and also closing track ‘Vulture People’ which could be their calling card – 24 hour vulture party people? Sadly their launch show is cancelled, but the album is available, so look forward to seeing them on the other side.