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On The Outside (Run Tell Secrecy)

By • Sep 1st, 2018 • Category: long players

Beginning with the bass-heavy ‘Different Crowd’, this is an album that guides you through the full history of dance music.

From there, we proceed, (sometimes un-) happily onto the somewhat confrontationally titled ‘Face It’, which introduces a touch of Kraftwerk to the proceedings and also brings to mind Depeche Mode’s ‘Policy Of Truth’, in terms of its vocal phrasing and overall tone of sonic menace.

Central tracks such as ‘I’m Free’, ‘Faith’ and ‘Wanted It All’ expand and develop upon the Kraftwerk vibe. This gives the set a diversity of sound and a lightness that means you keep on listening, with interest, to see and hear what happens next.

Showing and wearing their influences on their sleeves has made sure that VRWRK have achieved a very unified set that throws up lots of fascinating ideas and readily bears repeated listening.

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