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Vital Idles

My Sentiments / The Garden (Not Unloved)

By • Jan 13th, 2017 • Category: Single review

Vital Idles have really got something here. After a couple of clutches of demos on bandcamp this debut single is a corker.

The first track is a chugging maelstrom of guitar, crumping bassline and juddering drums which back singer Jessica’s mannered and sarcastic ruminations on life. The “victim” of her attention is repeatedly mocked, then mock praised – “so glad you came”, “please accept my gratitude” – BM would do a lot to avoid being on the wrong side of this acid tongue. At 2 mins 15 seconds it is a classic Sarah Records-esque slice of pop thrill, and 2017 is all the better for it.

Flipside ‘The Garden’ is slower-paced, longer at over four mins and is both pervy and hilarious at the same time. There is a clarinet or something giving little jazz flourishes as the “victim” is this time asked if he/she “would be feel comfortable with your bum in the air”, “in the fresh air”. Not sure if this is an invitation to some naked gardening or what but again the vocal makes it sound as if the narrator is a bit disinterested by the end of the song anyway. A great b-side, making this all in all a fabulous one-two, both fresh and a bit retro, vintage indie from a Glasgow band who have been cutting their live chops supporting the likes of Frightened Rabbit.

Highly recommended.

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