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Victoria Moralez

Eyes Off The Prize (vm)

By • Aug 2nd, 2020 • Category: Single review

“Harrowing” is the best way to describe ‘Eyes Off The Prize’. Victoria Moralez delves into the darker side of pop with a pretty scary-sounding thumping beat hitting away in the background. It increases speed and almost feels like someone’s footsteps which get closer and closer before eventually stopping and fading away again.

Vocally, Victoria reminds me of more orthodox singers, and she has a pretty traditional style when it comes to her technique. Nevertheless, there is a lot of contemporary flavours, and it adds a new slant to the genre. I can hear a variety of influences here. One similarity which instantly hit me is Keiza. It has the same type of unique vibe, and vocally the pair also share strong similarities with them both often similarly switching between octaves.

Lyrically, it is piercing with Victoria again swaying more into the darker realms. At times though I do struggle to find the meaning. Nevertheless, after searching deeper, it is clear to locate Victoria’s motive. She is desperately trying not to be alone, it is smart, and it proves that she is not just an influential songwriter but also a potent story-teller as well. The effects towards the end are pretty bizarre, but I like that, it feels like we are gravitating upwards before being taken back down to the surface with the final section hitting home.

Overall, it is a track which is taking the singer to new heights. She has a knack for crafting creative pop, and her backlog is proof. However, this track takes us on a new mysterious journey, and I am well and truly enjoying the ride.

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