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Heroics (Dome A)

By • Sep 18th, 2020 • Category: Album review

Writing words is hard, as Vasa may agree.

Especially when there are no words to write about. This Glasgow act’s second long player is completely instrumental.

However, there’s plenty to say about it – opening track ‘Childhood’ a taster of what’s on the way, conjuring up images of swirling mists and Big Country’s bagpipes before cacophonous guitars kick in.

‘Heroics’ is actually a concept album of sorts including ‘Adolescence’ (a decidedly angry sounding tune) and ‘Adulthood’ (a beat-driven more considered effort), but musically it’s not always that complex – ‘Prom Night’ could easily be soundtracking one of those sequences over the football highlights, while closer ‘Settle’ is simply a Mogwai-style post-rock monster, a towering end to a breathless set of mini-epics.

Perhaps Vasa are right – sometimes it’s easier to let the music do the talking.

‘Heroics’ is out now. This article originally appeared in the Motherwell Times.

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