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Universal You

This is quite harmless nineties Euro-rock, and as such becomes palatable background music. There’s some reasonably sharp production, and instrumentation is your standard fare: drums, occasionally distorted guitars, and sparse bass, becoming a little too funky at times for my tastes. This is a two piece, and one wonders how it would come across live, layered as it is throughout with backing vocals everywhere, too many “Aahs” and “Oohs’”.
Vocalist Gulzhan Ibrayeva has the USP of being originally from Kazakhstan and has an interesting enough voice, though a little lacklustre. As such there are no stand-out tracks, and everything is a little prescriptive: ‘Iskala’ has echoes of Roxette, and ‘Mona Lisa’ is Garbage but lacking some edge.
And they do a version of Justin Timberlake’s ‘Cry Me A River’. Yup.
It’s not offensive, but I’d like to feed them lots of Red Bull and e-numbers, and inject a little more life into them.