short players (Scottish) Single review

Union of Knives

This new single by Union of Knives features two great Scottish-based vocalists – Helen Marnie (of Ladytron and Marnie) and Anthony Thomaz (of Dopesickfly) whose contributions lift this track above the ordinary, although we also have Chris Gordon to thank for spawning the track in the first place.

Gordon has charted an interesting passage through the Scottish music scene and beyond, being involved with Baby Chaos in the 90s plus other combos since then including Deckard and Regency Buck. The Union of Knives moniker has been in use for a while, but this is the first release for a while.

Apparently the lead track from a new album, the track fairly sparkles with skewed electronica and a banging backbeat, although the tone is soft and reassuring – the refrain of “Who am I?” permeates the whole thing, a good question indeed…

Very catchy, it’s a potential floor-filler – if there were any floors except kitchens floors to fill…