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Stop / Go Man (demo)

By • Jul 14th, 2011 • Category: demonstration

One, CD, 5 tracks, from this Stirling act… ‘Space’ builds slowly and deliberately with hints of Smalltown Boredom or slowcore acts like Karate. It’s kind of intense and despite going nowhere slowly, this is its charm. ‘Stop / Go Man’ throws some lazy singing into the equation though the meandering Pavement-esque guitar is anything but restrained, though again, ‘Sleep Deprived’ sums up the mood. ‘Airthrey Loch’ is back in instrumental mode again, pulsating electronic noises again backing up some inventive but ultimately laid-back guitar work. ‘ifrs’ is more slacker rock, I guess, with a decided Grandaddy feel to the world-weariness creeping in. Overall a very worthwhile effort, and not overshadowed by the packaging – the CD pasted onto the back of a framed photo of what looks like a gopher peeking out of a hole. Go figure.

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