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Turning Plates

Sleeping Trojans (demo)

By • Nov 30th, 2010 • Category: demonstration

I wasn’t sure what to make of this band when I first heard their music. I just knew I liked it. Their music is graceful while feeling as though there was a constant fraught of worldly woes. However there is no lethargic element to this band. There is too much going on in their tracks to be considered gloomy.

There is an intriguing mystery to Turning Plates sound. It’s reminiscent of the artists Bon Iver, St Vincent, Turin Brakes and Radiohead. They encompass classic romantic crescendo with heavy bass and massive experimentation with the old reverb. This dynamic is beautifully chaotic at some parts and then soulfully delicate at others. A plethora of peaks and plateaux, this sound has a nourishing sentimentality which gives the listener more than what they bargained for.

‘Sleeping Trojans’ was the first track to grab my attention. It’s LOUD, but how? It’s acoustic with a very, very filthy bass that makes you weak at the knees. The vocals echo through the wall of swooning guitar riffs and quaking synths.
‘Animals’ is another very beautiful track. A lot of the time I can’t make out the lyrics, but I think that actually I like it that way. It’s a progressive melody that grows and evolves, and takes shape gradually. Clever stuff!

Best opening is from the track ‘Wishing Well’, it sounds like medieval monks chanting in an old abbey, then followed by an accompaniment of R&B clattering beats, it embodies Radiohead-ness with a sneaky mix of acoustic.

I gather that these tracks are raw recordings, but it’s an indication into how fucking brilliant a mastered ep of their work would sound.

I need to know who they are!!!! I NEED to hear this band live and you can too. The band are playing in their hometown of Glasgow, at King Tuts, on the 14th of December. I suggest you check them out and see what all the fuss is about.

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