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Tracy Bonham

Masts of Manhatta (Lojinx)

By • Jul 13th, 2010 • Category: Album review

American singer-songwriter Tracy Bonham first came on the scene as an angsty,  Alanis Morissette wannabe in the mid nineties and sort of drifted off the radar after that. Never heard of her? Nope, neither had I, I’m just going by the press release. Anyway, it says here that she has continued to release music, presumably to widespread indifference.

‘Masts of Manhatta’ is apparently Bonham’s first new material in five years and showcases a mellower sound, with hints of her classically-trained background as well as blues and tango music. So, is it any good? Well, not really. There’s nothing offensive about this album, it’s just really dull. Maybe if you’re the kind of person who buys Dido’s music you might like it.


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