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Torturo Nervosa

Saturnalia (self-released)

By • Aug 21st, 2009 • Category: demonstration

Demo? Promo? Dunno. What I can say about this Perth 3-piece is that they sound like a fully-accomplished and very ROCK act in the vein of ATDi and Fugazi as well as near-neighbours Macrocosmica and DeSalvo and if they could get this out to the ‘right’ ears they could be developing a following in the sweatier rock clubs of the UK. ‘Saturnalia’ has a riff simple enough for a Franz Ferdinand-style hit which eventually skews off into a solo Fast Eddie from Motorhead would be proud to call his own. ‘Did My Time’ is more simple-but-effective 3-note riffing, the post-grunge alt.rock version of the Quo, with Frank Black masterminding the whole operation from inside his hollowed-out mountain as he strokes his cat and muttering “no, Torturo Nervosa, I expect you to rock”.

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