Album review

Tiny Masters Of Today

Feted across the more credible of the Music Press; described as ‘genius’ by David Bowie – the David Bowie no less (!) and guest contributions on this, their debut album, by Karen O, the B52s, and The Butthole Surfers. Tiny Masters Of Today are HOT.

No. I’m sorry – I don’t quite get it. Sure, this is a good album with a few quality tracks, but is it the ‘AAHH’ factor rather than the ‘WOW’ factor which has resulted in all the hype surrounding brother and sister Ivan (13) and Ada (11)? Would ‘Bang Bang Boom Cake’ have received the same level of attention were it recorded by Blood Red Shoes – another boy / girl combo, albeit they are in their twenties?

The opening two tracks: ‘K.I.D.S.’and ‘Stickin’ It To The Man’ are good little scuzzy punk tracks, whilst the following ‘Hey Mr. DJ’ has an off-kilter, urban scratch feel to it. ‘Trendsetter’ (track # 8) is the best on the album – because it dares to be different, being a low-fi rap track, heavy on the drums and bass line. However, overall the fuzzy guitar and distorted vocals – presumably to give more marketability to the under-developed and unbroken voices of two so young – become a little tedious, although this album is worth adding to one’s collection …if only for the ‘novelty’ factor.

‘Tiny Masters Of Today’ …..perhaps. ‘Major Rock Stars of Tomorrow?’……we’ll see!