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Tickley Feather / Calacas / Animals & War + Cheer

In conjunction with Cry Parrot, itm? presents a four-band lineup including a headliner from the legendary Paw Tracks stable

TICKLEY FEATHER: Sachs (Tickley Feather) is a four tracking hobbyist whose musical spirit dwells in the realm of her own natural inclinations. She is a firm believer in doing what feels right, and in her recordings she really uses her solo status to great advantage. It adds up a very personal sound which involves all sorts of sensations from serendipity to silliness, and even the sweet and eerie sound of her little boy’s voice as he tells her his ideas. Her recordings have been praised by critics from the start, with comparisons to work by artists such as Syd Barrett, Kate Bush, and Gilli Smith, and all the while being given credit for having a sound that is completely its own. Now she’s coming in from the outside to share her songs and it’s precious beyond value. She now has 2 albums out on Animal Collective’s splendid personal label ‘Paw Tracks’.

CALACAS: Delicate, pyschedelic and emotionally driven indie ballads in a similar vein to Yo La Tengo and Sonic Youth. Calacas also feature members of legendary early 90’s Glasgow band Urusei Yatsura!

ANIMALS & WAR: A beautiful musical canvas of rhythmic vocals, pots and pans, lightly strummed guitars, dub influenced keyboards and swirling melodies, all from one man artist, musician and dj – Tom Marshallsay.

CHEER: Layers of plucked guitars, hissing tape loops and subtle electroacoustic sounds. Cheer has collaborated with a variety of experimental musicians, such as Noma and Alistair Crosbie, and has releases on various ambient labels.

Entry £5, first act will be on stage at 8.30. (The V Club is at 375 Sauciehall St, beside Couture)

By Stuart McHugh

itm? head honcho

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