Album review

Thomas Tantrum

Southampton based indie quartet Thomas Tantrum return with their third album in as many years in the shape of Mad By Moonlight. Inspired in its thematic totality by a life plagued with insomnia, the record gleans musical influence from far and wide and the tonal qualities of David Miatt’s guitar is of particular resemblance to the iconic sound of The Cure’s Porl Thompson.

Opening with the gloomy ‘Tick Tick Boom’ the record grows in to a predominantly pacey affair
culminating in the explosive ‘Hot Hot Summer’ as vocalist Megan Thomas declares “In the freezing winter I’ll be your hot hot summer.”

The album is reliant on a basic template of snare heavy drum patterns, clean guitar melodies and Thomas’s unrefined vocals. This format is on occasion subject to alteration as is the case in midway track ‘Only Human’ during which the four-piece introduce a pounding electronic backbone to the equation.

Penultimate song ‘All In Your Head’ is a stand out track of the record as the singer’s reverb-laden vocals combined with synth tones reminiscent of a Spielberg film act as a suitable precursor to final endeavour ‘Supermodel’, which provides a fitting finale to the outfit’s well accomplished album.