Album review

Thomas Atlas

Thomas Atlas’ groovy funk train has left the station, and it is showing no signs of slowing down with his new album astounding from the outset.

The self-titled gem includes ten tracks that even those who stay away from funk will struggle not to enjoy. Furthermore, Thomas compels with a funk flavour that grips, and he does not mess around either with his vocal tones rising out of each track with fearless prowess.

Recent single ‘Got This Feeling‘ kicks off the record, and it smashes through with a feel-good boom. The positive sentiment stays around for the entirety of the release, and it proves to be the perfect summer juice, with each track getting the foot-tapping and hips jiving to the infectious melodies.

Thomas gets sentimental on ‘Halfway To The Moon’ with him echoing a message about his lover being on his mind at all times. Here, Thomas gets down to business with his band rising to the occasion too. Furthermore, an eclectic range of sounds catapult out of the mix, and the brass instruments receive a whole new lease of life with contagious hooks, although they genuinely come to life in ‘Juice’.

The signature guitar rhythm from Thomas gets into full gear once we are four tracks in with ‘Lost Art’. Here the album takes a step back, and the guitar does the talking with a silky texture which will have guitar lovers frothing at the mouth. Likewise, Thomas gets even more passionate with his vocals, and he expresses a poignant message about losing touch with art.

‘The Way It Is’ is the funk track that fans of the genre have been craving for some time, and it takes a nostalgic hint but keeps fresh in the modern space. The album concludes with ‘Healer’, and it gradually places us back down on earth.

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