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Thomas Atlas

Got This Feeling (Hillside Global)

By • Feb 14th, 2021 • Category: Single review

‘Got This Feeling’ is the thrilling new funk release from Birmingham musician, Thomas Atlas. For anyone familiar with his early work, you will not be surprised to hear his talent soaring to the top once again.

Infectious with a hook which will slap you round the chops, this new release grooves its way to the party. It glows from the instant, and it stands out as a wholly unique venture for the popular funkster.

From the moment it kicks off, it is obvious this will excite, and it exceeds expectation with it growing into a monumental piece of art as it progresses. The vocal from Thomas in the opening section is full of rich tones. The experienced vocalist smashes straight into his leading chorus hook. It is intriguing, and it is a trendy technique in the hip hop space. Still, it works just as well here in blues and funk too.

Vocally, Thomas boasts a low tone that is easy to get lost in, especially when accompanied by the warm and inviting sounds leaping out of the instrumental. His performance is also very harmonically-rich, and it is what makes Thomas stand out so profoundly in a space which is full of somewhat same old music and trends.

The music on ‘Got This Feeling’ is a strong talking point. The instrumental could warrant an entire review of its own. Furthermore, the bass riff is fearless, and the bassists solo towards the latter grips with stylish essence. Additionally, the striking guitar lead is refreshing, and it gives the track even more solidity with its complex arrangement oozing extraordinary courage.

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