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They Might Be Giants

I Like Fun (Lojinx)

By • Jan 30th, 2018 • Category: long players

‘Quirky’ is, probably, the most oft-applied description for NYC duo TMBG. And given their 1989 hit ‘Birdhouse In Your Soul’, their ‘Dial-a-song’ service (exactly what its name suggests) and a successful line in kids’ albums, it’s maybe deserved.

However, this, their 20th long-player, comes across, on first listen, as a bit more… well… ‘normal’ – a slew of indie-pop tunes in the vein of Weezer or Teenage Fanclub. However, repeated listens reveal their trademark dark humour – “taught myself to draw in the dark with what remains of my left hand” they relate, as we’re drawn again into their strange world.

‘Let’s Get This Over With’ refers to, well, life and the world, while, ‘By The Time You Get This’ “we’ll no longer be alive” is a Planet of the Apes-style note to future generations, but delivered with such a bounce that the listener, like the band, can’t fail to smile.

(This review originally appeared in the Queensferry Gazette)

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