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Thee MVPs

Science Fiction (E-Easy)

By • May 21st, 2020 • Category: Album review

If this album has one flaw, it’s the cover.

It’s far too bitty and clunky-looking. Which is a shame, because the music really is very good. A nice, sharp, sugar-and-alcohol rush.

The guitar riffs are blood-drawingly sharp, the bass is a fantastic, rumbling drone and you have to play it twice, to hear the lyrics.

Obviously, no-one could have foreseen, this year, what was going to happen. But, in songs such as ‘Super Contractable’ and ‘A Pining Replicant’, you get pretty good omens.

Each lyric is loud and shouty and each musical note is short and sharp. It is not an album that is going to change your world but, it will make it blaze bright, for 45 minutes.

Available on E-Easy Records, on May 29th.

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