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The Vivians

... (demo)

By • Sep 7th, 2007 • Category: demonstration

Hair? check. Clothes? check. Daft names (Chris Kiss, Damon DeVille)? Check. However, this Edinburgh 4-piece seem to have more going for them than the Fratellis or the View, a couple of other bands from what seems like a production line of Scottish bands. Divided we stand has, let’s face it,a guitar hook nicked from Franz when they were presumably working on their third album, while the adrenaline-charged chorus is, if it’s not nicked form the Cockney Rejects, is from that school of rock that has spawned everyone from the Arctic Monkeys to the Klaxons. To be honest, after that it’s all rather downhill, ‘Dr.Dr.Dr.Dr.’ a bit stodgy while ‘Day Before D-Day’ although a decent hook/chorus combo, is a bit limp compared with the opener. Still, with everyone from The Law to Sergeant being highly touted in Scotland, we can give the Vivians the chance to write a few more tunes and who knows?

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