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The Vegan Leather

Eyes (stream)

By • Aug 1st, 2017 • Category: short players

The Vegan Leather’s stock has been rising this past year and BM has missed them a couple of times live, but hoping to rectify that quite soon. Mainly electronica-led but with some great guitar, bass and drums, the new track is a bouncy and poppy number, full of little quirks but overall very catchy. It follows ‘Shake It’, another great track.

Starting with some bubbly synth and drumming, the main (female) vocal is lovely, joined after the first chorus by male voice, then morphing into a duet, recalling ‘Young Folks’ a bit (the line “that’s the kind of thing you always say” could have come from the Peter Bjorn and John tune quite easily).

Sexual politics, or aspects of the tension between the sexes, appears to be the subject matter here. There’s a great climax midway then we are into a disco-infused finale – shades of LCD Soundsystem, Abba or possible Scottish up-and-comers Boohoohoo, praise indeed from this reviewer anyway.

Next live appearance is at Electric Fields and BM is hoping for more Glasgow dates soonish…

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