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The Van Pelt

Not one but two re-released albums, celebrating the short-lived 1990s New York four-piece, each offer a different view of the band.

‘Stealing From Our Favourite Thieves’ show the band’s in formative years, with opener ‘His Steppe Is My Prairie’ with its bludgeoning guitar riff, making what follows a hard act to follow.

However, the 12 tracks that follow are a sonic joy, all acerbic hooks and drawled lyrics.

This contrasts with the more considered follow-up ‘Sultans of Sentiment’, closer to Slint or Karate than the Pixies and Pavement sounds of the debut.

What’s obvious is that both releases still sound as fresh today as 20 years ago making them doubly worth the celebration.

(This review originally appeared in the Mearns Leader)

By Stuart McHugh

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