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The Twistettes

A Strange Play (Traffic Cone)

By • Jul 9th, 2019 • Category: Album review

During this high summer period, and limited by family situations (broken bones, cancelled holidays etc), it occurs to BM that despite all the recommendations over 3 or 4 years (“they are great, you should see them live” etc), BM has not yet this band live, but on the evidence of their recorded work, it can’t come too soon…

The opening track is a furious racket – ‘Captain’s Kiss’ is a blast of really heavy Rrriot Grrl (sorry for the spelling, out of date now maybe but still relevant) and the core sound of this band is really pounding bass, rackety drums and a shouty vocal courtesy of Jo – absolutely wonderful!

They blast through ‘Concrete’ with shades of Bikini Kill and Hole, with no pause for breath.

‘On The Table’ has some spaces between the racket but full noise is restored not long after – the power of this band is pretty mind-blowing… L7 also comes to mind… and AC/DC!

‘Raise A Fist’ is another furious ramming of noise, that fucking bass, and Jo’s voice rising above it – are they Scotland’s answer to Motorhead maybe, or Girlschool? This is not just about thrashing though, the melody of the vocal lines are quite amazing, and hold their own above the din!

‘Weird Me’ is another blaster on this unrelenting piece of vinyl, BM is exhausted and we are just over half way through – does the bass player have some kind of superpower…?

‘Hate Hate’ is track 5 and BM is pretty much on the floor at this point – so some Sleater-Kinney influences here – and maybe Bis as well, that would be an interesting double-header maybe?

‘State Of Affairs’ is finally a relatively slow one to allow BM to catch her breath – but this is a call to arms with throbbing guitar (comparisons with She Drew The Gun maybe, comrade spirits. And what amps do they use to get that old school noise, even through BM’s headphones?).

Track 8 ‘Selling Skin’ is another furious wig-out (ok so none of the band have wigs but it is a 60s phrase man and BM was born then) – bloody great!

‘Juliette’ is another howling banger (pretty much every track on this album is a banger!) – the bass and drums just grind the fuck out of everything, BM lives to hear new music done in new ways and could be her highlight of this year, half way through already,,,

‘Trick of the Trade’ burns through, and Jo’s vocals are especially good on this one, it takes a lot to be heard over the maelstrom of noise that this combo produce, good God almighty!

Last track ‘I Kneel’ is again immense – thumping the message home with direction and vigorous energy, the likes of which is rare and to be treasured…

This is one of the best albums BM has heard in a long while, and apologies for the overdue review, and all due respect for The Twistettes, and BM hopes to experience the band live as soon as possible!

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