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The Twilight Sad

VTr (Rock Action Records )

By • Nov 15th, 2018 • Category: Single review

This mighty and muscular blast from The Sad is another track from the forthcoming 2019 album ‘It Won’t Be Like This All The Time’, out 18 January 2019 on Rock Action Records (ok, so that was copied and pasted from the YouTube video captions but that is how shit works these days).

So is it any good? Well, Betty is perhaps a bit biased, having stalked these boys for the past 10 years after being blown sideways by that first album, probably the biggest musical orgasm she has had, at least in the modern era.

This track is dark, pumped up and frantic. The usual James Graham skewed lyrics are incredible, giving a sense of claustrophobia but also possibilities – “Don’t know who to trust” – and they also pay homage to their influences – The Cure, The Mode and other dark lords, BM even hearing shades of the Sisters of Mercy at the moment, no bad thing.

Currently tearing it up in Europe before a sold out Embra show, then onwards and upwards in 2019 – BM will hopefully have two Sad experiences in 2019, firstly headline Barras show then the gig of the summer, supporting the legendary Cure at Goth in the Park Bellahouston… good grief, never did BM expect from seeing her heroes at the former Barfly in 2009 or something that it would come to this…

Congratulations guys, you fucking deserve this…

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