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The Twilight Sad

Videograms (Rock Action)

By • Sep 6th, 2018 • Category: Single review

This is another track where 80s and 90s proto-goth influences burble under the surface, but this is very much The Sad building on their own amazing legacy and pushing forward into new areas.

There is sparse intro, and then a very DM-synth-parp beat – James’ vocals are expressive, dark and the usual mysterious couplets rain throughout, the Kilsyth brogue still very much intact, thank the fuck… “Don’t start, don’t you start on me”… BM is not going to quote the whole thing verbatim but the words are jarring, blackshot and just the way we Sad fans like it, miserable as a dreich day in North Lanarkshire.

This track is a thing of wonder, the production is quite astounding, the guitars are tense but not in the way, but these guys are now in the same league as Garbage or Chvrches – yes that big, that commercial – they may still be our own wee band that BM first saw playing to 100 or less people 10 years ago, but OMG they have developed into a sinuous but sensitive beast, and deserve to be on the world stage now.

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