short players (Scottish) Single review

The Starry Skies

This five track EP takes two of the best tracks from last year’s ‘Be Kind’ album by the Starry Skies and adds another three non-album cuts.

Track one ‘The Glitter and the Glory’ is an unashamedly upbeat tribute to 60s music and The Beatles in particular – the melodies are sublime, the backbeat toe-tapping and BM is mystified why something like this cannot be a huge smash, but never mind, it is so hugely enjoyable.

The Starry Skies are led by one Warren McIntyre, a key figure in the Glasgow music scene and his appetite for collaboration and encouraging other artists is fucking legendary. Track two is slower of tempo but glorious in its optimistic outlook – this song is a call to arms for anyone who wants to do what they wanna do, however they wanna do it. For people looking for inspiration, go no further!

The first of the three new/old tracks ‘Pepper Mill Hotel’ is a thrash through some more classic chords and sixties imagery, just wonderful, a wee bit of nostalgia but also straight up to the moment, and the instrumental performances are just incredible. ‘Who You Gonna Slay’ is a bit heavier, some Hendrix and Band influences maybe – it is really fast and Warren’s vocals are peerless…

Last track ‘Chase for a Higher Number’ is another rocker, maybe the Kinks have a wee look-in, but this is no tribute act, every one of these is highly original and Warren and the Starries deserve far more attention than they have been getting.