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The Scottish Enlightenment

Their first release in eight years, this album from the Fife-based combo follows up 2010’s debut ‘St. Thomas’.

This latest album is quite low-key, but the quality shines through. A nine-track album, its sound is quite traditional indie with folky flourishes. There are some beautiful guitar lines, some sparse but interesting lyrical lines and good harmonies – just a really enjoyable record.

There are languid songs here, for example ‘Slightly’, but some have a barb – “I want you to cheat on me, but only slightly…” wow… ‘Colour It In’ ramps up the volume a bit and shows that they can rock, if they feel like it…

These tunes, between the guitar lines and the vocals, are quality – enough said.

BM could draw comparisons but it is not always helpful – this record is just rather good.