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The Red Light Zone

Most people in Scotland will have tuned into the national broadcaster at some time, and as head of BBC Radio Scotland for a quarter of a century, Jeff Zycinski has shaped the nation’s listening habits.

His behind-the-scenes memoir covers his time at Radio Scotland and other stations, while his detailing of a US roadtrip allows us to see how others view our nation. As well as the laugh-out-loud moments he also writes of the impact a high pressure job can have on family life.

Although there are anecdotes concerning encounters with the likes of Gregory Peck and Jay Leno, readers expecting  salacious celebrity gossip may be disappointed – although there is the tale of a visit to the Highlands by Chris Evans which goes somewhat awry. But now that Zycinski has one book under his belt, you get the feeling he has plenty more to tell.

out now. This article originally appeared in the Queensferry Gazette.

By Stuart McHugh

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