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The Raptors / The Trama Dolls / Youth of America

Glasgow Hug and Pint (Friday 28th December 2018)

By • Jan 3rd, 2019 • Category: gig reviews

Sometimes it is necessary in this season of overstuffed turkeys, internet shopping binges and warring families to take a rock n roll trip, and this certainly was a good one.

The excellent ‘Underneath The Wires’ promotions put on three bands at the compact but always wonderful H&P, each of which rocked BM’s world in slightly different ways.

First up were Youth of America, a six -piece formed partly from the ashes of Trembling Bells. BM saw the Bells back in 2014 and they were great but shit happens and here we have something a wee different.

They were a bit under-rehearsed but by god they gave us some good songs, some amazing chord changes, great drumming courtesy of Seb and some great vocals courtesy of Sophie and her female foil.

The twin guitars gave some great rocking-oot moments and the bass was crucially well up in the soundmix, which given the size of the venue was bloody excellent. To be honest BM was hit with such a variety of influences (Lush(!), CSN&Y, Pulp… could go on) that there is nothing very “scene” about them and the crucial thing was they were having a laugh onstage and banting with the punters, slagging off the price of their own merch… there is an album out which BM has not laid hands on yet, but a review hopefully to come in 2019.

The next band was the Trama Dolls, an Edinburgh outfit featuring some musicians with a long pedigree in other bands. They were rocking, rolling, a bit trashy, with echoes of Iggy, The Cramps and some serious thrashing guitar. The lead singer taunted and flaunted, there were cheap keyboards (the best kind) and serious noise.

And last up were The Raptors, who blew us away with some classy girl group action. They looked amazing (The Runaways have been mentioned in the promo for the gig, ok but The Raptors are not under the age of consent… in any Council area or US State for that matter!). They played like their lives depended on it, they worshipped their heroes (Johnny Thunders’ lips were fetishised!) and they had a great time. They are obviously serious musicians but gals after BM’s own heart and there is no such thing as too much leopard print, or too short shorts…

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