Album review

The Present

Groan. I have really, really struggled with this album. I have now played it three times and I have to confess, I like it less and less with each listen.

Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy listening to challenging music. I enjoy the work of noise artists like Merzbow, Yellow Swans and of course, Wolf Eyes. Albums this year from the likes of David Grubbs, Hair Police and Fuck Buttons have been challenging but they make for rewarding listens. This on the other hand, seems like the soundtrack to a person’s descent into madness.

It’s received plaudits from the likes of Gang Gang Dance, and Panda Bear, artists whose work I enjoy. Whilst it may be trampling on musical boundaries, it’s also trampling on me. Whilst a track like ‘Stabbed In The Face’ by Wolf Eyes may attack the listener, there’s still something that grabs you. If this is the world they see, that’s all very well, but I sure as hell don’t want it in my head.

By Ed Jupp

Edinburgh based, addicted to noise and destroying the bourgeois aesthetic.

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