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The Loyalties / Radio Dead Ones

Black Jimmy / Jimmy Does (Promo)

By • Feb 14th, 2008 • Category: demonstration

A split single featuring two bands covering each others songs. A bit odd, but anything goes. The Loyalties are classed as an underground punk and rock’n’roll band. The rough edges have been knocked off these guys and its not wild punk as we might know it but a more polished set of punks writing songs with a touch more thought. I mean there is even a tambourine in track Green Eyes, what would Lydon say? It’s still urgent and edgy though. All the fist pumped choruses are still in there. Great! 

The Radio Dead Ones are not dissimilar to The Loyalties in their song writing maturity. For sure it’s not ground breaking stuff but the playing and imagination fed into their tracks make this Buzzcocks or Ramones sub-three minute format interesting again. Their cover, Jimmy Does, races round the track in double quick time but with the style and tightness you would expect from a well oiled gigging machine.

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