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The Love Coffin

Cloudlands (Bad Afro)

By • Nov 23rd, 2018 • Category: Album review

This is the kind of album that is best listened to alone.

Certain songs work alone, such as the album’s fantastic centre piece, ‘Save It All’, which is a tightly coiled five minute shock of feedback and sledgehammer-like drum patterns.

This is a very intimate set that takes a while to settle in on the synapses. It tempts you inside, slowly and surely, with a whisper and draw.

An album with real passion, fire and anger burning away in its heart, and each song is like a tightly coiled spring with real punch and intent – it is not until the song in each case is finished that you realise just how much of a sonic battering your ears have taken.

These songs each suddenly explode into life, just when you think each of them is done with you, there’s a sudden sonic sting in the tail, guaranteed to leave you reeling.

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