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The Kooks

Glasgow Barrowland (Friday 30th September)

By • Oct 9th, 2011 • Category: Gig review

After more than three years, The Kooks have finally returned to the music scene with their third album, Junk Of The Heart, released on 12th September this year.

Back in the UK for a nine date tour, the Brighton band’s first gig commenced in Glasgow’s famous Barrowland with an entirely sold out show.

In the extremely hot and sweaty venue, the atmosphere was feverishly tense as fans awaited for their favourite Britpop rockers to enter the stage. The moment Vocalist Luke Pritchard and his bandmates stepped into sight, the crowd echoed with applause as they threw their drinks and several pieces of clothing towards the stage. Pritchard’s melodic vocals in the band’s introduction song and latest single ‘Is It Me’ conveyed a serene opening to the show, albeit a slight juxtaposition in contrast to Hugh Harris’ catchy guitar line throughout the track.

Nonetheless it was an interesting approach to introduce the show even if the laid-back vibe immediately disappeared as Pritchard ditched his guitar for the exceptionally buoyant songs ‘Always Where I Need To Be’ and ‘Sofa Song’ where he leaped around the venue, dancing back and forth on a small silver platform along the very edge of the stage. The amount of energy present in the group’s frontman was predominantly evident as he sprinted passed his bandmates within a heartbeat, captivating the attention of his audience.

The bright and animated ambience consistently remained throughout the night whilst the band performed new tracks taken from Junk Of The Heart, such as ‘Eskimo Kiss’ which in particular received an enthusiastic reaction from the crowd. Additionally the four-piece delivered a fair amount of their more well-known classics including the blissfully radiant ‘Ooh La’ together with acoustic delights ‘Seaside’ and ‘Tick Of Time’ where the audience harmonised along with Pritchard as the sound paralleled throughout the high ceiling of the Barrowland ballroom.

Without a moment to spare, the show kept in steady motion over the evening and similarly when it was time for the group’s encore, the moment skipped by unusually fast with the band already back onstage for four more songs. Concluding their speedy performance with the fiery ‘You Don’t Love Me’ and much-loved ‘Naive’, Pritchard ended the night with many heart-warming thanks towards the crowd.

The Kooks fans left very high-spirited, and that’s completely nothing unexpected after listening to the band’s infectious upbeat melodies live. The Brighton outfit achieved exactly what I presume they had intended, an immaculate production accelerating through a vast setlist of their memorable pop songs and altogether accomplishing a concert you will not forget anytime soon.


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