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The Just Joans

Love & Other Hideous Accidents (Wee Pop!)

By • Jun 4th, 2009 • Category: Single review

In due time for Valentines Day (even if this review isn’t) comes yet another candidate for one of the best records you’re gonna hear for some time, from the finest band in the UK.

I should almost stop there, as it says it all. But, you lot like specifics, so let’s get down to them: This latest ep/mini-album sees the ‘Joans serving up various heartbreaking tales of love and embracing that disco element their songs have always had. No, seriously, they just hid it well.

I Won’t Survive takes Gloria Gaynor’s anthem an reappropriates it for the stalkers and heartbroken among us. Y’know, reality. And, highlights just how goddamn selfish the original was anyhoo.

‘Title’ track Hideous Accident (Hope He doesn’t Die In A) is possibly the best song about the jealousy of the jilted since Queen Bitch. As raw a description of the dumpees mindset as Chasing Amy. Painful and familiar. Y’know, that way it’s meant to be?

And, so they go on. Touching on the dark recesses of existence. I swear the line “now teenage tears fall like the rain, I’ll never trust a boy again” would have Peel weeping were he still with us. If You Don’t Pull is an all too familiar tale of the desperation of gaining peer acceptance, in spite of yourself.

Sometimes a broken heart can be the sweetest thing. Mainly it’s just a pain. The Just Joans know this. And in a year that’s proving to be stellar for homegrown music, they still stand head and shoulders above the competition. Despite (because of?) the sequenced boo-boops. this is a late night whisky record everyone should know.

Yes there’s the usual unnecessary samples of other (movie) folks work that nearly detracts from some of the stuff here. And on the wonderous Almost Out Of Love they rhyme “you” and “you” where “blue” is what it should be. But, these aren’t even quibbles for such an excellent collection of songs. Delivered to touch the soul you forgot you had.

It terrifies me that this lot might have some songs their saving for the album ‘proper’. How good will that be?
The Just Joans - Love and Other Hideous Accidents (Out of Print) Download via iTunes

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