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The Isolation Sessions (Last Night From Glasgow)

By • Apr 30th, 2020 • Category: Album review

There are a lot of really shit things about current times, obviously – but it has led to some highs – and this is definitely one!

The response from label Last Night From Glasgow has been typically upbeat and DIY – get some of their artists to cover other artists’ songs, a great idea which has led to some very creative and, yes, unlikely pairings…

Funnily enough it was at a LNFG gig (Lemon Drink’s EP launch at the Poetry Club) which was the last live event BM attended before lockdown – at that point the football had just been cancelled and everyone was joking about bogrolls – now this is the new norm…

To name but a few, BM loves the first couple of tracks here, where Lola in Slacks put very rich tones and Lou’s incredible voice across Broken Chanter’s ‘Don’t Move To Denmark’, a treatment which puts new angles and uncovers unexpected nuances from the original, which for BM is the whole point of a decent cover version.

Broken Chanter themselves then tackled ‘Still’ by Annie Booth and made a great fist of it – always a haunting song, the added synth gives us further complications, an excellent cover of an excellent song.

Cloth went for another Annie Booth tune, the always very affecting ‘Super 8’ – wonderful, but again it just makes BM hanker to see both these artists live and up close, doing their thing, like anyone would have expected in normal times…

Sister John plump for a Stephen Solo song ‘Secrets You Keep’, giving it a very soulful treatment that’s just marvellous.

And lastly in this installment, Mt. Doubt cover Sister John’s ‘Nothing Else’ and it is great to hear Leo twisting his tonsils around such a great song – again a very different arrangement.

This is enough for one sitting, the quality of the original songs and the cover versions should not be a surprise but is also testament to LNFG’s very shrewd and well-judged signing policy.

And after all this is done, the obvious thing would be a un-isolated gig where we can hear all these live – 2021 maybe?

The double album of ‘Isolation Sessions’ is now available via Last Night From Glasgow.

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