Album review

The Icicles

What in god’s name gives The Icicles the right to be so feckin’ content?! An album in major chords without even a hint of sarcasm, misery or introspection? What do these airy fairy, hippy Americans think they’ll achieve in our rain drenched beauty of a country? Success eh? With lyrics like “Things are finally going swell, the sun is shining I’m feeling well” – you wouldn’t think so would you? And you’d be so wrong you should go and boil your soul in a massive cauldron of soul broth. Arrivals and Departures is a delightfully graceful record, layered with melodies, harmonies and twinkles that are so Aberfeldy-esq you’d be forgiven for thinking the East coasters are back with their third album. ‘La Ti Da’ is the obvious stand out, with a happiness that penetrates so deep you may need serious medication to ever look scornful again. ‘Gedge’s Song’ is a similarly europhic affair ending with some of the most paradisiacal harmonies known to man. Now stop complaining about the guy on the bus that always stinks and get this record of sunshine and tweeful joy right down you.