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The Iain Duncan Smiths

Edinburgh Lebowski's Bar (Wednesday 22 August 2018)

By • Aug 24th, 2018 • Category: gig reviews

The Edinburgh Festival madness was in full effect when one of BM’s favourite comedy song parodists made this storming appearance. Big on Soundcloud, the IDS’s started with Smiths song parodies but have moved wider to take on just about target, mainly UK politics but there are some Trump swipes as well.

The band is basically Johnny on guitar and impersonations, with the other Johnny introducing and compering this “Euroskeptic Song Contest”. There was a small but select audience (plus some random drinkers who did not pay too much attention…)

Which was a shame because this show was pure comedy gold. Johnny compere set up the premise, that the Euroskeptic Song Contest had a large number of acts, each of which were performed by Johnny Guitar, then a vote at the end.

The entrants came thick and fast (the IDSes churn out at least a couple a week) and lyrics are altered almost daily for the show, reminding BM quite a bit of the peerless Spitting Image (R.I.P).

The guitar was loud but the production was somewhat lo-fi, which suits Johnny Guitar, as he can interact with the audience and both Johnnies ad-libbed quite a bit.

Highlights included Borrissy (‘Islamophic’, sample lyric “I make you laugh, I’m in the Telegraph…”), Farrage Against the Machine, Madiohead (our PM doing singing about tinned food stock-piling.

Eventually the acts (all Johnny Guitar) were put to the public vote and Borissey was voted the winner, and reprised sone of his act. The satire was biting although controversial tracks like the Yaxley Lennon track (“you may say I’m a knobhead, but I’m not the only one”) were not aired.

Combining great guitar playing with whip-smart up to the minute satire, these guys can hopefully prove that they’re not just a Festival turn.

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