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The Hector Collectors

Remember The Hector Collectors... You Won't Believe What They Sound Like Now! (Puzzled Aadvark)

By • Dec 29th, 2018 • Category: Album review

BM owes a wee bit of a debt to these guys (it is called “declaring an interest” if you are in public office, which BM is not but aspires to the same standards as a reviewer). Ok so BM blagged a ticket for the wonderful ‘Monsters of Indierock’ event at Stereo back in November. It was a great event and included appearances from among other The Just Joans, but lack of time meant the event was not reviewed – apologies!

The Collectors had some activity a wee while ago and this album is a bit like “the return of”, older but wiser – ok, maybe not!

Anyway the album is perky and contains some great indiepop gems. First track ‘It Takes A Lot To Laugh…’ is an upbeat but ultimately downbeat poppy effect, with straight from the 8’0s Bellshill scene and is catchy, heartfelt and truly wonderful.

BM will not go through the album track by track but honourable menshies have to go out for track 2 ‘Edgelords’ – a reflection on not now being in fashion, or even aspiring to it, with some incredible middle eight chord chord changes, and could be one of 2018’s greatest tracks, no really… What a chorus!

‘Overton Window’ is an attempt at vindication, via a Lanarkshire vista – hilarious lyrics about Chairman Mao, or not – and so many tropes of these songs go back to school, ah fucking school…

This band are clever, reminiscent of Art Brut, via the Fall and even Teenage Fanclub, and Half Man Half Biscuit, they are that good, peoples!

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