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The Grand Gestures

Low Lights (Chute)

By • Jan 6th, 2020 • Category: Album review

Jan Burnett of Dundee’s finest Spare Snare approached a large variety of different singers, wordsmiths and artists for collaborations, and this album is the result – containing most notably a brand new collaboration from Phil Jupitus, a fairly newly resident on Scotland’s east coast.

There are in all 16 tracks, each of them very different. The Jupitus track ‘The Sailor of Bari’ involves an incident in an “Adult Shop” while Emma Pollock sings of a serial cad on ‘A Certain Compulsion’, on a great remix by White Label. Dundee pop royalty Gary Clark appears on the sparse ‘The World Will Break Your Heart’.

Other highlights (of the Low Lights!) are Jill O’Sullivan collaboration ‘There’s No Place Like Home’, again sparse, electronic and weird, and the RM Hubbert track ‘Regret Is A Dish Best Served Cold’, which has a great electronic beat…

There are other hilarious oddities like Sanjeev Kohli’s spoken word ‘I Wonder what Chris de Burgh Is Doing Now?’ and the Tom Doyle collaboration ‘The Start Of The Landslide’ (journalist ‘can actually sing’ sensation! And quite well too, it turns out..).

This really creative collection shows that Jan has something of a golden touch, and comes highly recommended.

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