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The Gracious Losers

Loath to Leave (Last Night From Glasgow)

By • Feb 22nd, 2021 • Category: Single review

Preceding a new album ‘Six Road Ends’ is this new single from Glasgow’s Gracious Losers – who comprise the multi-talented Amanda McKeown and Jonathan Lilley, along with a number of other musicians to the extent that they have played as a nine-piece combo at times, if not more! Quite how many losers are on this track BM does not actually know, however it is another step forward, if albeit a low-key one, in their grand career.

Amanda takes most of the vocals on this track and her voice is expressive without being too showy, perfect for this track…

This tracks oozes class, with slidey guitar, burbling percussion and those key changes, just timeless. It may be low key but it does build up very nicely, with keyboards and guitars, and good God there is something from the 70s in there, cannae put the painted fingernail on it (actually believe it or not it is an old Denim chord change!), but this is beguiling…

Can’t wait for the album!

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