Gig review

The Go! Team

An intriguing proposition, The Go! Team. Multi racial and bi gender, the group may well be a far more accurate (and evocative) picture of modern Britain than any Arctic Monkeys wannabe. The barely contained glee of their recordings, all the way from their earliest demos, have made the group one of the more colourful additions to the UK music scene.

All of which makes them an incredibly exciting live phenomenon. A packed venue greeted the group as returning heroes, with throngs of chanting supporters dressed in sportsgear and day-glo make up. Curiously, the Go! Team seem to have a distinct effect on the female population, with the fairer sex turning out in numbers. After asking the audience to take one step back (in order to secure maximum dancing space), the band tore through over and hours worth of joyful pop. Throwaway melodies are rendered life affirming, and as the group leap about in superbly co-ordinated pandemonium a wave of energy surges through the crowd. People who had earlier been heard worrying about the last bus, or having to make it in to the office early tomorrow, we suddenly tearing off their T-shirts and dancing with total abandon.

A set drawing mainly on the semi-hits from Thunder Lightning Strike (perhaps the most unifying party classic since Abba:Gold), the biggest cheer is reserved for ‘Ladyflash’. The group’s signature track, it has lost none of its limb thrusting potency, causing roughly 90% of the venue to make complete and utter idiots of themselves. Flailing arms and legs abound, as the audience set about grooving in a manner not seen since ‘Soul Train’ was cancelled. With an obligatory encore, The Go! Team were off – scoring another victory, but keen to entertain while they’re winning.