Album review Scottish albums

The Girobabies

This nine track 2012 album was overlooked by BM at the time but there is such a thing as a legacy, even in these shallow days of ‘Likes’ etc… and when so many folk that BM speaks to reference this band.

The Giros continue to ply their trade but this early album shows their raw talent all those years ago.

Opener ‘What Victor Said’ is a guitar-driven rant which come close to shoegaze at times but also references JAMC and other noise-rock groups. ‘Overheard in the West End’ begins to show up some of frontman Mark McGee’s trademark odd and skewed lyrics before another guitar overload turns a quirky tune into a piledriving meltdown, guitars nicked partially from ‘Never Mind the Bollocks’, but that’s no bad thing! “Claimed the guy from Snow Patrol was his best friend…”

‘Nightmare’ comes on more like Bauhaus or The Damned at first, ascending guitar lines, before blasting into some power chords – “You’re a little nightmare…”

‘Countdown to Tinnitus’ is a raspy monologue which gives us some idea of MM’s lyrical dexterity, with some cunning lingo, albeit with the backdrop of some further shredding guitar and drums….

‘Idiots Guide to Karma’ continues with more MM drawling rap, and sets up a bloody amazing groove, simple but effective… and hilarious as well….

Things get more minimal with ‘Shonzo’, indeed a lot more techo-ish as well – trippy as well…

‘I Want Answers’ is another groover, more Happy Mondays with some clever words from MM.

The album ends with ‘Drip Effect'(the guitars are back…!) and ‘The Giros’, which sound like a bit of an anthem for the doomed, with great guitar riffs… “do I want to join the army, do I fuck!”

This is an album of great promise, variety and wit – the Giros have made even better records since but it is worth remembering this was made back in 2012…