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The Gilhoolys

STAR (Main St)

By • Jun 21st, 2021 • Category: Single review

The press release states that this Glasgow act, “Once described by various DJs and Music Journalists as ‘The Next Big Thing From Scotland’ are a Hard Hitting, Energetic Band bursting with Indie Rock Tones!”.

So there has been some previous, the sextet (judging from their photo) having recently reformed after something of a hiatus…

BM would have to admit to never having heard of them, but then lots of things go over or under the radar – anyway, this is a rocking track which has plenty of attitude and attack, and if these guys are still up for another try then fair play to them…

The track is released in late June and there is an album due out in August, with some promised live dates to follow – there are a couple of “ex-of-the….” people involved but the sound is fresh – there is a throbbing riff, some great-timing with the vocals, and the verse and chorus is very catchy indeed…

Influences look like everything between The Rolling Stones and The Strokes, so in good company there – they have the talent to match.

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