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The [Future] King of Scotland :.

... (demo)

By • Aug 19th, 2007 • Category: demonstration

Nice presentation – blue Saltire paint-splattered on the flexible plastic CD sleeve.
Sadly the CD doesn’t actually play, which does put the mockers on things a little. BUT… good old Rupert Murdoch to the rescue – his myspace site boasts 4 tracks which, I think, are part of the EP. So… we learn that he is indeed a one-man band, a fast-strumming singer-songwriter, with wee bits of keyboard backing and handclaps fleshing out the sound nicely, which, given that description and his being from Fife, somehow hasn’t yet earned him a contract with Fence. But ‘The Girl Who Walks’ is a cracking tune which honestly, is as good as anything to grace a King Creosote album, even if the subject matter isn’t that optimistic. Though ‘Girl Bites Boy’ is a rather happy-clappy singalong of a blues song (apart from the abject bitterness about the failed relationship it’s about) featuring both harmonica and melodica. Conversely, the more downbeat ‘A Love Story’, (as far as Mr Murdoch’s media player allows) seems to has a happy ending, showing there’s more to the King than just matters of state.

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