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The Felt Tips

Bought and Sold (WeePOP!)

By • Dec 21st, 2008 • Category: short players

Glasgow’s The Felt Tips release their third single, with three more tracks which surely cement themselves as one of Scotland’s finest unsigned bands and the masters of combining tragi-comic lyrics with pop tunes so damn jangly the like hasn’t been heard in probably over 10 years.

‘Bought and Sold’ tells the story of an ill-fated trip to London in search of love which ultimately ends in disillusionment. But backed by such jaunty intrumentation you could almost find yourself singing along with a smile on your face. Is that wrong??

Stand-out track is ‘The Love That Never Spoke It’s Name’, a song about sexual denial which leads to unrequited love. It’s a song which, like many Felt Tips tracks, are full of ambiguity and playfulness but with a deeper message. With brilliantly sad lyrics like “a same-sex shower shared, you’re scared you shouldn’t be there. When is it really so obscene, to live your life and not be seen?” there’s also a demonstrable talent for throwing in a bit of alliteration for good measure.

‘The One That Got Away’ is another cracker with fifties country-style bass and guitar reminiscent of Johnny Marr in his heyday.

So, the only question left to ask is – can we have a Felt Tips album soon please?

‘Bought and Sold’ is available to order now from

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