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The Felt Forum

... (demo)

By • Mar 2nd, 2008 • Category: demonstration

With a free plectrum (Fender Heavy) the payola should be enough to generate a kind review for this Bristol-based act (some of whom were previously in Falklands-based Remote Sound)
Recorded ‘live’ in Bristol in 2007, it’s very much back to 1977 for their sound – ‘Hypocrite’ is a 3-chord fuzzpop tune to open and spans both years and genres – a back-to-basics Blondie perhaps, or the Shop Assistant, or even the Hedrons for a more up-to-date reference (apologies to the band for taking female-fronted bands, but the sigtly blusey vocals are the most memorable feature). ‘The Annie Song’ is perhaps more of the same but with less of a hook but yup, if you like your music steeped in the halcyon days of punk then Felt Forum could be the band for you.

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