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The Dunts

Self-Proclaimed Council Punk (Dunts)

By • Jan 20th, 2019 • Category: short players

The latest emerging thing in Glasgow, the Dunts draw on classic alt-punk influences but have a real pop ear for a tune… This EP follows 2017’s ‘Coalition of Chaos’ and is a wham-bam introduction to the energy and freshness of their sound.

‘G53’ and ‘Ride the Wave’ are part pop-punk but also recall classic post-punk acts like the Buzzcocks, The Cramps and other US acts like Green Day et al.

Pretty exciting stuff and BM can understand why they have drawn some decent crowds recently and have sold out King Tuts… ‘Witch Hunt’ is bit more reflective but still straight on the button, the timing and the riffage a bit more like Franz in some respects…and look how far they got….

Last track ‘The Birds and the Beez’ cements their sound again, classic pop-rock and tropes of The Strokes – spiky guitar solos, confessional lyrics and a shouty chorus – this could well be the sound of 2019 and that is no bad thing at all.

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